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Welcome to Entergy's Supplier Qualification Management Portal


Registration in this Portal is by Invitation Only. If you have not been invited but want to provide services to Entergy, please contact Entergy Supply Chain.

Accessing the portal acknowledges that you are authorized to submit your company's information and required documentation.

Entergy strongly recommends that registration be completed by an individual who is knowledgeable about your company's Safety and/or Diversity information. Information and documentation provided in this portal will be used to determine if suppliers meet specific requirements for doing business with Entergy. Incorrect or false information are grounds for disqualification.

Please Note:Registration in this portal does NOT guarantee that contracts or business will be awarded to any supplier for existing or new business with the Entergy companies.

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For technical support,contact EntergySupport@CVMSolutions.com
For all other questions contact SuppliersSupport@Entergy.com

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